Premium Collapsible Water Container Bundle, Cube + Bag, No BPA Camping Drink Storage Carrier Jug for Outdoors Hiking Backpack & Survival, No-Leak Foldable Portable Freezable (2 Cube 5G 3 Bag 1G)

March 4, 2020 - Comment

WaterStorageCube Premium 3-PC or 5-PC Collapsible Water Container Bundle CombosGet our 2 most popular folding/collapsible water containers in 1 pack!COMBINATION OPTIONS:3-PK OPTIONS– (1ea) 5.3 Gallon Cube & (2ea) 1.3 Gallon Bagsor– (1ea) 2.6 Gallon Cube & (2ea) 1.3 Gallon Bags5-PK OPTIONS– (2ea) 5.3 Gallon Cube & (3ea) 1.3 Gallon Bagsor– (1ea) 5.3 Gallon Cube (1ea)

WaterStorageCube Premium 3-PC or 5-PC Collapsible Water Container Bundle Combos

Get our 2 most popular folding/collapsible water containers in 1 pack!


– (1ea) 5.3 Gallon Cube & (2ea) 1.3 Gallon Bags
– (1ea) 2.6 Gallon Cube & (2ea) 1.3 Gallon Bags

– (2ea) 5.3 Gallon Cube & (3ea) 1.3 Gallon Bags
– (1ea) 5.3 Gallon Cube (1ea) 2.6 Gallon Cube & (3ea) 1.3 Gallon Bags

– Quickly/easily store all the water you need.
– Outdoors: Household, garden, camping, backpacking, hunting, hiking, festivals, BBQ, sport events.
– Emergency/Disaster Preparedness: Hurricane, tornado, fire, flood etc.
– Many convenient every day home uses
– Auto emergency water container

– No BPA PVC or DEHP. Odorless tasteless. FDA food safe
– High quality USA raw materials & highest Standards.
– Environmentally friendly
– Cubes have leak-free fast-flow spigot
– Cubes are 1pc seamless construction
– Bags are premium quality & self standing
– Bags have largest openings, large comfort handle
– Bags can be frozen 1/2 filled, then filled to keep drinks cold longer or used as ice packs.
– Lightweight, compact, portable, sturdy, convenient
– Reusable. Dry completely, fold & store.
Material: BPA free LDPE plastic
Color: Transparent
Cube Temperature Use: -4℉ TO 127℉.
Bag Temperature: 32-140F

– We appreciate your business. If you ever have questions, contact us anytime.
– 90-Day money back guarantee. 1 year warranty.

Our mascot Cubey wants you to Be Prepared and includes a download to our 30pg eBook:
“The Be Aware & Prepare Survival Guide:
Camping & emergency preparedness Tips, Plans & Checklists”.

Product Features

  • COMBO BUNDLES include our 2 best selling types of space-saving premium water containers. Choose from combos that include BOTH flat-folding (5L) BAGS and collapsible CUBES with spigot (20L and/or 10L)
  • BPA FREE & FOOD-GRADE. Trust WaterStorageCube brand to be non-toxic & FDA food safe with no BPA, PVC or DEHP. They are odorless & tastless & will not change the taste of your beverage. Made with environmentally friendly premium USA raw materials. Great for all your water & drink storage needs
  • LIGHT, COMPACT, PORTABLE & REUSABLE: Space saving design store away easily. Remains soft & flexible. Unlike others, ours have the largest bottle openings to easily fill, dry, drain & reuse. Industry best large formed comfortable handles make holding & transport easy. Bags have a wide sturdy footprint so no falling. Cubes are easily unfolded & used as sturdy beverage dispenser & then re-fold for easy storage. Bags store flat or rolled up taking up almost no space
  • INNOVATIVE & LEAK-PROOF: Our water carrier jugs have a custom lid & spigot with gasketless design means no leaks, or parts to replace, plus fast water flow. Quality heavy duty material to withstand withstand heavy pressure such as falls or being used as a seat. Cubes have easy on/off spigot & are a singe-piece molded design with no seams to leak or handles to break. The most durable & dependable. Our flat Bags can even be half-filled & frozen to be used as jumbo ice packs
  • 1-YEAR WARRENTY: Ours containers are made with high quality USA raw materials, to above average standards, so that they perform better, are more reliable & hold up to the rigors of outdoor use. Perfect for survival kits, camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, BBQ, travel, sport events, car emergency, natural disaster preparedness (hurricane etc..) INCLUDES our 30pg eBook “Camping & Emergency Preparedness Survival Guide”